"Dotout literally means "point-out" and ideally wants to represent the desire to change, to put a "point" to one's commitments and daily routine to go "out" and intensely live one's passion, one's sport in contact with the nature.

Dotout represents the regenerating value of physical activity, a natural anti-stress, a homeopathic remedy for the fatigue of urban life through the vitality of movement, capable of reawakening dormant energies on a physical and mental level.

Dotout is the brand for those who know how to reconcile family and work commitments with their passion for sport, aware that self-realization and self-gratification are essential for offering others the best of themselves.

The reference target of Dotout is made up of those who love movement, sport, outdoor activities, an active lifestyle even in everyday life.

An advanced consumer who researches and appreciates the technicality of the product, able to choose and mix different garments for an updated and personal style.

Dotout interprets sporting passion in a new and contemporary way.

The pay-off BACK IN TWO HOURS is the distinctive and identifying element of the brand: this simple phrase, "I'll be back in two hours", expresses the lifestyle of those who choose Dotout, of those who manage to combine a passion for sport with the commitments of daily life, carving out the necessary time during the day to devote to sports and well-being.