Backbone, the innovative jersey made in Polartec® Power Dry®

There are days and days, though. Today is one of those where you perceive something new and you feel that these five kilometres of ascent have a different face. You enjoy them more, savour every metre. You realise many things that you had never noticed before: a colourful pinwheel in the garden of one house, the doghouse in another, a very tidy vegetable garden and another very untidy one, both in bloom, because sometimes nature doesn't give a damn about our care. You reach the top, after about twenty minutes. You are about to descend and head far away, but you feel something inside you that blocks you and like lightning an idea forms in your brain. You have never done this before, but you realize that today is different. So, in a flash, you turn your bike around and get off exactly the way you came up. The fresh air dries all your sweat and the spring temperature is a healthy touch. You reach the bottom, turn the bike around again, and start climbing again. You look for new cues, new sights, new smells and new colors. You have decided that today you will not leave this place and you will continue like this, up and down, a few kilometres from home, on what until this morning was only a warm-up for your Sunday ride.
There are days that begin and end as you imagined, others that change and surprise you. There are days and days.

While cycling, we wore Blackbone, our aerodynamic, ergonomic, lightweight and breathable high-performance jersey. It is made of three different types of fabric: the front part in Sensitive® Minicheck extremely elastic and for maximum comfort, the back part in Polartec® Power Dry® and the sleeves in 3D laser cut tubular fabric for maximum grip without compression.

Polartec® Power Dry® is a two-component fabric constructed with a hydrophilic interior whose fibres are arranged vertically to extract body moisture and transfer it to the outside. The outer surface releases accumulated sweat very quickly, allowing fast drying times. The constant evaporation regulates the temperature in both warm and temperate conditions. Perfect for a long day in the saddle, where climbs alternate frantically with descents. The fabric also has a special treatment that makes it anti-odor and anti-bacterial, as well as being recycled.