Discovering the women's summer collection: comfort, style and performance

Summer has finally arrived, and for cycling enthusiasts this means spending more time on their bikes. But what's better than specific cycling clothing that offers comfort, style and performance? Dotout has designed a specific collection to ensure a pleasant and high-performance ride even under the scorching sun.

Lightweight and breathable jerseys:

The fabrics selected by our research and development team have the prerogative of being light and breathable to keep the body cool and dry as well as favoring the evaporation of perspiration and ventilation.

The Rainbow line of jerseys and tops, made of mesh fabric, are particularly suitable for the hottest days: extremely light and able to guarantee maximum breathability.

Shorts with specific Elastic Interface pad:

All our shorts are fitted with pads specifically designed for the female anatomy in collaboration with Elastic Interface and able to offer maximum comfort during long summer rides.

Choose the one that best suits your characteristics: Dot Pro W or Dot Endurance W!

When it comes to summer cycling clothing for women, the watchword is comfort. Choose breathable and light materials that promote the evaporation of perspiration and ventilation of the body. Don't forget to protect yourself from external agents, such as the sun and impurities, by wearing suitable hats and gloves.

Finally, don't give up on style: our collection offers a wide range of colors and designs to express your personality even on the bike. Enjoy your rides!