Davide Barone. Back in two hours.

A calendar year consists of 8,760 hours. If you work out two hours a day, for twelve months, that means you invest a total of 730 hours in your wellness — both physical and mental. Okay, but how?

Our desire to discuss this with someone who knew about it began from this very question. How? The need to better understand how to deal with two hours of exertion, that may not be any effort after all.

Davide is in his early thirties and has been devoting his working hours, but often his personal hours as well, to improving the performance of athletes for more than a decade.

A degree in sports science, a few years as a functional rehabilitator, and then the choice to focus on training. Climbing, trail running, triathlon, cycling; these are the areas in which he specialises, and although it would not seem so, they all have a common denominator.

“I train people of all kinds for all kinds of results. I'm not going to stand here and talk about what you're not interested in, it might get boring — I’d like to focus on your claim. Back in two hours.”

It’s a hot afternoon during a scorching summer, even for the Ossola Valley where Davide lives and from which he draws inspiration.

“I create bespoke plans for each athlete depending on their goal and ability. Each one is different from the other, of course.”

“The workloads change, the types of activities as well, but there is one thing that applies to everyone — the two hours of active recovery where I ask my athletes to go out and forget about the time, their heart rate and their watts. And even if it’s a recovery session, you are actually training, especially so that the mind can recover.”

“Recovery is a consequence. And I advise everyone to do it on a bike — whether you're a climber, a runner or a triathlete, those two hours in the saddle are fundamental.”


Maybe it's his look, maybe it's his manner of posture, maybe it's his awareness, but Davide's words immediately convince us.

“Disconnect your brain and think about having fun. These are the two hours for everyone, even those who do not use a coach. To be made mandatory for every person on the face of the earth!”

We're halfway through the beer we're sipping, hoping it will get us out of the dreadful summer heatwave, and the chatter is getting more and more interesting.

“Then there are two more hours, and those are the specific workout hours. In fact, it's even less than two hours. Ten minutes to change, an hour and forty of training, ten minutes to wash up and you're ready to go back to your life. Back in two hours.”

"If you plan those two hours right, you can have an intense workout — like a pro. People don't believe it, but if you organise yourself, apply yourself and give 100%, you can get incredible performances in two hours."

It's good to hear those words. It's like everything that led to the birth of DotOut is put on a litmus test for evidence — our mission is the right one.

“Two hours in the saddle, doing a specific workout. Or simply enjoying the air in my hair, a beautiful view, the company of a friend or the silence of solitude. It is the way I build my athletes, two hours at a time.”

The beer is finished, the heat continues to give no respite. We won't tell you the rest of the talk; it was time to take our own two hours.

This is Davide Barone and you can find more information on davidebarone.it

Photo credits: Roberto Motta